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    Alan B.,  Wayne, NJ

    This review concerns the services of Rick Hernandez and Matt Green.


    So my girlfriend and I had decided to take the plunge and find an apartment to blend our families. We were looking for a true four bedroom really anywhere in Manhattan. Agent after agent kept showing us converted two and three bedrooms which, while suitable for a sharing situation did not meet our needs. Indeed one agent told us we were crazy and would never find a true four bedroom in our price range. Enter Rick who showed my girlfriend a beautiful four bedroom on 110th and Cathedral but was way outside of our price range. He then took her to see the apartment we ended up going with, a beautiful true four bedroom, completely renovated and everything he said it was. While it was a little further up than we wanted to go, on 151st and Broadway, the value proposition was too good to pass up.


    Prior to signing the lease though we were a little taken aback by the amount of financial information so after a bit of research on my part, and some flexibility on their part, we were able to agree on what specifically they needed and made us both feel much more at ease.


    Though I was a bit concerned after seeing some of the reviews on Yelp, the lease signing went very smoothly. Matt and Rick both helped us through the process. I found Matt to be polite, enthusiastic about his job and profession and indeed made the process as painless as possible. So my experience ran counter to what I had read in this space.


    Rick could not have been nicer, friendlier or more respectful of our concerns. He was knowledgeable and set the appropriate expectations for us and as a result, there were no surprises at lease signing. He'll definitely be invited to the house warming.


    At the end of the day I would definitely recommend Bohemia Realty Group. They are professional, accommodating and they really seem to like what they do. Sometimes, that can make all of the difference.

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    Tom C.,  ASTORIA, NY

    As with pretty much all realty experiences, no two are the same as it depends on time, place, and the realtor involved. In this situation my roommates and I dealt with Rick H.


    First and foremost, I must profess that we did not actually end up renting with Rick and Bohemia, BUT it is not because of anything he did or did not do. We simply found a better deal with another realty company and went in that direction.


    With that out of the way, I must say Rick was an exceptional realtor. The very first night I met with him was around 7:30 to see a place in West Harlem. I explained to him I work until 6 and he was more than willing to accommodate my schedule. This would not be the first time and in the coming days he met me at another apartment at 9 and even once at 11:30 at night.


    After not liking the first place he showed us, we loved the second one and applied the next day. Rick even came down to my office in lower Manhattan in order to pick up the paper work, instead of me dropping it off after work, so he could get our application in as soon as possible as he knew the place would go fast. As it turns out, a few hours later he called to tell me the owner of the apartment rented the place a few days prior and did not tell the realty company. We were disappointed, but obviously this was no fault of Ricks.


    From then on out Rick, who felt bad about the situation, worked tirelessly to find us a place. As I mentioned before he met me at all hours of the night to show me other places he felt were comparable to the one we did not get. He was truly a nice guy that worked as hard for us as he could.


    Like I said, we wound up not renting with them for the simple reason of something else came up. It is not that we did not like any of the places Rick showed us, its just that something we, as roommates, decided was a bit better came along and went for it. If that place did not work out we definitely would have gone back to Rick to try and find something.


    Finding a place is a pain in the ass, but Rick made it as easy as possible and if you do happen to go to Bohemia try and work with him if possible. He will make it work your time.

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    Jason,  Submitted on Nakedapartments.com

    Rick was a pleasure to work with: proactive; knowledgeable; affable; and above all hard working. Looking for apartments in NYC can be miserable but Rick was there for us every step of the way. We're thrilled with our new digs.


    Thanks Rick!

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    Isis P., New York, NY

    I worked with Rick Hernandez at Bohemia Realty, who helped me find my apartment. I could not recommend him more highly. First of all, he was always quick to respond to emails, texts, and calls. It never ceases to amaze me how brokers in NY can be so nonchalant about getting back to potential clients, given that there are so many listings and brokers, and that due to the high-demand market persons are looking to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. "No, I am no longer interested in the apartment about which I emailed you three days ago because 10 more interesting ones have come on the market in the meantime."


    Anyway, I really appreciated the fact that Rick was super-responsive. He showed me exactly what I was looking for, and showed me apartments right away. He was always pleasant and professional to deal with, which unfortunately cannot be said about other brokers with whom I dealt at the beginning of my search. When it came time to signing the paperwork, he made sure that all the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted, and reviewed all the paperwork with me to make sure that we were submitting exactly what the applications required. His attention to detail in terms of making sure that everything was signed and dated, and everything was in due form, was exacting. He submitted the paperwork quickly, to make sure that my applications got in as soon as possible. He was honest about the management companies with which we were working, and at his suggestion I applied to two apartments simultaneously in case one of them did not approve the application. In fact, things worked out exactly as he said that they would, and I did not get the first apartment, which made me glad that I had followed Rick's advice and applied to the second one as well. Finally, he was very accommodating with my time, showing me the first apartment early in the morning, and waiting for me to pass by the office after work to submit the applications.


    If you want to work with someone who is professional, courteous, responsive, and attentive, who will work hard to get you into your apartment right away, look no further.


Rick Hernandez Licensed Real Estate Sales Person

Bohemia Realty Group | Find My Place NYC 

2101 Frederick Douglass Blvd | Harlem, New York 10026